All Cryptovista releases

Find new features and other improvements added over time.

  • Release v1.16.0

    Added Kucoin support. Started Multilanguage support. Many improvements in UI + fixes.

  • Release v1.15.0

    Trade history wizard improved; multiple app fixes.

  • Release v1.14.0

    Market price come from instead of coinmarketcap.

  • Release v1.13.0

    Official release of online / mobile version! & improvements to better follow your day trading and portfolio history.

  • Release v1.12.0

    New "trade hints feature" in dashboard. Better UI for small screens.

  • Release v1.11.0

    Was skipped to release more things in the next release.

  • Release v1.10.0

    Experimental Bitcoin xpub support; trade history fixes.

  • Release v1.9.0

    Small bug fixes, better error reporting.

  • Release v1.8.0

    Coinbase Pro portfolio and trade history support; coin allocation widget gets stable coins and fiats categories.

  • Release v1.7.0

    Faster trade fetching and market selector & open orders support for Cryptopia.

  • Release v1.6.0

    Trade timeline by market, trade balance in multiple quotes and more improvements.