Cryptovista v1.13.0 update

Official release of the online / mobile version

This has been a lot of work. Now you can use it online at on desktop and mobile.

Install it on your mobile

If you visit the website with a modern navigator like Google Chrome, you will be able to install the application on your mobile and use it everywhere.

A better UI and new features as well

The UI has been improved a lot to accomodate the mobile users and I added some new functionalities to better follow your trades and portfolio history in the dashboards.


  • Portfolio in dashboard:
    • Show total worth in BTC as well.
    • Show last portfolio changes.
    Porfolio widget in dashboard showing lastest crypto balances updates
  • Auto refresh trades: now it's easier to have your trade history updated! The app will attempt to refresh your last trades automatically.
  • Coinbase Pro: add support for tickers.
  • Open orders in Dashboard: now the widget shows the distance to target, so you know how close you are from your goal, the total worth of the order in quote was also added.
  • Other UI improvements
    • Replaced warning about failed source updates by an icon.
    • Added back button in the app header.
    • In "last trades": removed last ticker column in favor of "gain" column.

Bug Fixes

  • Bitcoin address source: Improve support for xpub addresses.
  • Trade list: ordering could be incorrect sometimes. Fixed.
  • Fetch trade history wizard: fixed a crash.