Cryptovista v1.16.0 update


  • Cryptopia: is not supported anymore, you can still see the old balance. (Exchange bankruptcy)
  • New exchange: added Kucoin (balance, tickers, orders)
  • Tickers: improved fiat conversion; using exchange tickers better.
  • Trade Timeline: added possibility to aggregate consecutive buy/sell. So you understand better where you stand if you average down / up.
  • UI translation: starting to support multi language, added some Spanish translations. (low priority, work in progress)
  • UI changes:
    • "Markets" and "news" are now available without signing in.
    • All options / sections are now accessible in the main side menu.
    • "Signout link" was moved to side menu as submenu of profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Profile: the app could delete the wrong profile sometimes!
  • Trade Timeline: use the cost for bubble size (was using amount)